The Binational Forum bilateral platform contributes to the consolidation and development of the Ukrainian-Israeli relationship in the key areas of business, politics, investment, technology, science and many other spheres.

About our Forum

Binational Forum is a bilateral investment, information, and technology platform designed to coordinate the efforts of all organizations interested in collaborating with Ukrainian and Israeli social, political, economic, and humanitarian projects.

Binational Forum works within the framework of transnational programs, acting as a mutual coordination agency.

Our activities

Our platform sets up various committees and determines their agenda. In the standard work mode, urgent issues are brought forward for internal forum discussions.

The Binational Forum is engaged and provides a platform in the following areas:

Providing essential political, lobbyist, and sociological project support; organization of relevant official and informal events and campaigns; shaping public opinion;

Access to an investment project bank and to research and development projects for potential implementation;

Informational, financial, and legal support of companies both in Ukraine and in Israel;

Participation in continuous and transnational online congresses and conferences;

Training for individual and corporate entry in financial markets;

Providing territorial and industrial resources for investment project development;


Providing research and engineering resources for investment project pegging;


Establishing contacts with administrative and departmental agencies in both countries;

Setting up the process of creating companies on a turn-key basis and complete HR support including administrative and technical staff recruitment and enforcement of labor laws;

Ensuring integrated economic and company security and privacy, providing assistance in solving the majority of customer-contractor relationship issues both internally and with outside contractors;

Building a bilateral arbitration system for small, medium, and corporate business;


Real investment collaboration, mainly on-exchange;

Interacting with international investment organizations.

Information and Knowledge

Our mission: to disseminate knowledge and reliable information, thus eliminating ignorance. A special forum-related program enables BNF partners to get a better understanding of the Ukrainian and Israeli business environment peculiarities.

The Information and Knowledge
program spheres of interest

The Club

Videos of events held by the Forum will be made available for BNF partners (conferences, workshops,
round tables and lectures).


Exclusive articles and interviews with BNF partners will provide more details regarding the specifics of doing business in Ukraine and Israel, recipes for success, and the ways that business can contribute to country’s growth
 and development.


BNF facilitates direct dialogue opportunities between Israeli and Ukrainian partners.

The Library

BNF will be putting together an electronic library of books recommended for reading by the Forum partners.


 BNF partners will be sharing their philosophy of life.
This section will reveal the essence, meanings,
fears and doubts.


This section is designed to promulgate innovation technologies developed by BNF partners among other Forum participants.

Political Realities

BNF partners will be telling you about the global political trends of the contemporary world.

Social Realities

BNF partners will be telling you about trends in business-society interaction.

How do you become a participant?

BNF members may be companies or individuals who contribute to the transnational social, humanitarian, economic, financial, and legal development of the bilateral relationship between Israel and Ukraine.

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